Science Busters the Movie

Enrollment Level:  4th - 8th Grade

Software:  Internet Connection & Web 2.0 
                  Digital Editing Tools

Course Length:  Scales up to 18 hours

Material Fee:  $15.00

​Strap on your goggles and enter into the secret Science Buster Laboratory. You will learn techniques for conducting your very own science experiments. Prepare to be amazed as you unravel the mysteries behind solutions that change colors, temperature, and bubble right before your eyes! Experiment with liquids and solids to create flying rocket launchers, and you will write your secret launch codes in the disappearing ink you create. Use your scientific genius to engineer laboratory ice cream you can eat, and as a fun topper you learn the basic of film making when you direct, film, edit, and star in your own version of “Science Busters the Movie!”.