Who We Are
Dedicated to the Enrichment of Student Technology Skills

At WOWmedia instruction we partner with colleges, schools, and community organizations to deliver engaging high quality multimedia software classes for students of all ages.

Our organization was first inspired by our founder, a busy mother of three, who was searching for multimedia technology enrichment classes for her children.  Through her efforts she realized there was a need for classes teaching students how to operate software, while emphasizing the cultivation of students' natural creative talent.

Today our mission reflects an ultimate commitment to providing unparalleled instruction that enriches the technology skill sets of adult and younger students.  Through the use of project based learning activities focused on software skill acquisition, creativity, opportunities to work individually, and as part of a team.

WOWmedia Instruction students consistently gain advantage as they are set squarely on the path toward the acquisition of 21st century technology competencies skills.

To learn more about courses offered by WOWmedia Instruction or to request WOWmedia Instruction classes for your community, please contact us.


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