Wow'em with Photoshop II 

Enrollment Level:  Adult

Software:  Photoshop Elements or 
                    Photoshop CS3 or CS4
Course Length:  10 hours

Material Fee:  $15

In this fun and creative class we explore more of what Photoshop has to offer for creating compelling visual effects with digital images.  You will learn how to create a slideshow, font effects, paint images, create a split-tone effect, and so much more.  Using the tips and tricks learned in class you will transform your favorite images into captivating works of art, which are sure to wow your friends and family.  Essential to class success, student must possess working knowledge of canvas creation, layers, and object selection techniques.  Each student must bring a USB flash drive to every class meeting.  Students may also bring their own uploaded photos on a USB flash drive to use for the projects, and one of the assignments completed in class will be printed, and mounted for take home.